Daily one-on-one mentoring and technical assistance that is free to our clients. Mentoring sessions are for those that need one on one support and advice about their business

Below is a List of All of the Mentors we Currently Work With​

Priscilla Moreno- Work Life Balance/ Health and Wellness Industry 


Cindy Wyman- Finances and Bookkeeping 


Kayla Pendleton- Marketing 


Karen Nishimura- How to get a Bank Loan 


Nicole Ledonna- Start Up Businesses/ Food Industry 


Stan Tom- Non Profit and Raising Capital 


Alexa Westerfield- Content Creation and Social Media 


Nora Velazquez- E Commerce/ Fashion Industry and Product Sales 


Starshema Dimery- Goal Setting/ Event Industry 


Beth Bridges- Networking and SEO 


Joe Haddock- Independent Contractors/ Real Estate Industry 


Ashley Emerzian- Legal 


Nikki Henry- Leadership/ Education Industry


Diana Diaz- Speaking and Storytelling/ Non Profit Industry

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