Are you ready to make YOUR mark?

Together we can help you Make Your Mark on the world and show them who you are and what you can do. 


As a client of Make Her Mark you have access to many different opportunities to grow your knowledge and your business.  Our programs are meant to help all different types of entrepreneurs, from those who own a brick and mortar, to ecommerce businesses, to freelancers and consultants. We provide on-demand training, technical assistance, group mentorship, masterminds, access to capital, a launch intensive program, and more.



These workshops are monthly and are free to our clients. We cover topics that will help launch and scale businesses. Some of these  include: small dollar financing with lenders, how to obtain government contracts, or quickbooks training. 

Group Discussions

We curate small groups called “Success Teams”.  These teams meet weekly and are free to our clients. The purpose of these teams is to mastermind on their businesses. In the groups, there is an open dialog on small business issues and personal issues. Because of the intimacy and personal relationships formed over time in the group, they usually end up using these groups as a “safe space” to share about the details about what is happening.  The group works together to help if needed, or just listen. This is a very healing, and supportive environment that is much needed as a female entrepreneur.



While we do train on many hard skills like marketing, we believe that soft skills, like leadership, are just as important. Women entrepreneurs need to take a more holistic approach to managing their business. We host a mixture of classes and events each month for free that touch on trainings for personal development and soft skills. Some of these topics include: leadership skills, confidence, or manifestation

Women's Conference

We host an annual Women's Conference. 

For 2020 we are planning a virtual conference  with 2 keynote speakers, 6 breakout sessions, good morning yoga, a cooking class during lunch, 50 vendors, 10 major sponsors, and more!

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Jumpstart Program

We also host a program we call the Jumpstart Program. This is a  6 month long launch cohort that is completely free to the client. Make Her Mark will host 4 cohorts of 6 entrepreneurs each, over the course of 12 months. The Jumpstart Program includes a 12 module curriculum, one on one mentoring, group discussions, projects, and a requirement to work on their business on location for a minimum of 6 hours per week.  It is a structured program that is meant to give participants the discipline, base knowledge, and skills needed to start and run a successful business.

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