About Us

Make Her Mark was created because we want to do more for women in business.

There is a real void within the groups that serve startup business owners. 


The truth is, these entities don't hold your hand and walk with you in your entrepreneurial journey. You need support day in and day out while you are running a business. Each entity provides different pieces of the puzzle, but cannot truly make the impact that they hope to for various reasons. It is no wonder that 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

It is our mission to shrink that number.

Your business relies on you having the right foundational knowledge, access to resources, and ongoing support for you to be successful. We are thrilled to offer programs that fulfill all these basic needs, plus more. We are SO excited to work with you!

Founder, Kayla Pendleton

Also... yes, we DO have a cowbell that we ring every time a coworkHer has a "Big Win".  Even the little things are worth celebrating!

Our Story

Our founder, Kayla Pendleton, worked out of her home office for several years while telecommuting for her job in marketing. She quickly found that working from home was isolating and counterproductive. There were too many distractions and interruptions, plus it was tough to have a work/ life balance. 

She decided to try to find a private office, but that didn't fill all of her needs. Then, she stumbled upon the concept of coworking.

Kayla became a member of a ladies coworking space for a couple months while on vacation. This was GAME CHANGING for her! She noticed her productivity and self worth increased rapidly, plus she started to make wonderful connections that helped take the company she worked for to the next level. 


After coming back to Fresno, she realized there were no spaces like what she had been a part of while on vacation. After waiting for over 2 years for someone to open a ladies coworking space in Fresno, she finally decided to open one herself in 2017.


Make Her Mark originally started as a coworking space, but today it is so much more than that.


Our team has found that coworkHERs need training, accountability, resources, and connections to really take their businesses to the next level. As we increased our offerings, we decided to become a non-profit so we could further expand and serve our community.


Kayla and her team's vision for Make Her Mark is to improve the economic landscape of Fresno and beyond by supporting female owned small businesses. Together, we can make this dream a reality.


Make Her Mark is located near Palm and Nees, just west of River Park in Fresno, CA.

The location is just off HWY 41 and there are lots of restaurants and shopping options nearby.


7543 N. Ingram Ave. #106

Fresno, CA 93711

We are located in the Wright Equities Building. Call if you have any trouble finding us.



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